About Me

My name is Keaton Callaway (also known as Kit, né Katrina). I use they/them pronouns.

I was born and raised in Ohio and attended the University of Texas at El Paso for my undergraduate education. I majored in linguistics, minored in sociology and the honors program, and graduated summa cum laude. I worked as a peer tutor in the Incoming Student Program, at the University Writing Center as a writing consultant, and as an intern on an oral history project about LGBTQIAP+ El Pasoans.

My graduate education is from the University of Georgia at El Paso, with my primary concentration being language variation and change and my secondary concentration being historical linguistics. I worked as a research assistant in my first year, then as a teaching assistant.

I have usually submitted work under the names Kit or K.E. Callaway, because names can be complex when you’re transgender. I have a cat named Pixel and on the weekends I like to conlang.